Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today was one of the hardest days of my life. It started out like any other day. I woke up, read the good Word. Went to church then spent the afternoon at Casa de Fe making Cheesecake with all the girls there. But what happened next will be engrained in my memory for the rest of my life. As we were wrapping up our baking, the police pull up to our front doors with a two-year-old boy ( who we have named Samuel) in tow. Covered from head to toe in dirt, with a terrified look on his face, the police begin to tell us how a woman brought him in after seeing him all day at the local Puyo market abandoned with nobody in sight to claim him.  I couldn't tell at first, but as Talia and I took him in to bathe him, we removed the dirty clothes and the sight brought tears to my eyes. He was so malnourished that all we could see was skin and bones. Our chins hit the floor and our stomachs began to turn in knots.  His stomach was big from the malnutrition but his ribcage was sticking out and you could see the parasites moving around in his stomach. As I lathered his tiny legs, if you could even call them that, I could no longer fight back the tears that I had been holding back. As we continued to remove the dirt which seemed like it was one with his skin, we started to reveal the scars and burns that were all over his body. Even Talia was in shock that someone could get to that state, and said "he looks like the kids from Africa you see on TV". This child, this precious son of God, had been neglected by the people who should have been caring for him most on this earth. My heart was broken and angry at the same time for his boy so I decided to pray. As I prayed over this little boy whose whole life is still before him, knowing that he had experienced hardship probably from the day he was born, way before anyone should ever have to experience that kind of hardship, God reminded me that His heart is broken for Samuel way more then mine and that He loves him and has a plan for this little boys life. My anger from before was replaced by peace knowing that Samuel was now safe and able to get the care and nourishment he needed. Samuel, this precious child, has been set aside for God's glory. He is chosen, He is loved. Please join with me in praying for this little boy as he gets back to health and that he would adjust to living with his new family at Casa de Fe. 


Laurie said...

I also am a daughter of the Most High.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with Jesus as you minister to these precious children.

I am sharing this on my facebook page and with all 4 of my small group bible studies to encourage other women to look beyond themselves and go out and make a difference with Jesus, in His powerful, precious Name.

Grace, peace and a whole lot of love.


Anonymous said...

Kelsy! I love your blog and I love hearing what God is doing through you in Ecuador! My friend, Kaitlyn, is going down to Casa de Fe this month on a misison trip, tell her hi for me!! :)
-Brea (from Changepoint with red case you forgot lol)